We wanted to take one last opportunity to say "Thank You" for an amazing school year and wanted to give a huge shout out to the parents who have done so much to make our Gator community great this year. 

Executive Board: The organizers, deleGATORS and decision makers

Amber Tuso, Alex Freedman, Kelley Manahan, Amy Solomon, Gloria Newman, Swati Narang, Sidra Haidar, Aparna Kamoolkar Vadhavkar, Julie Chevett, Blair Tapper


Class Parents:

Chairs: Alison Corbin, Alyssa Camacho

Binna Kim, Amy Solomon, Ngoc Hance, Angela Shi, Amy Scheffing, Bo Yang, Yi Lu, Qian Bi, Jaryn Park, Fangfei Dong, Sam Berger, Leticia Krentzman, Sule Ozkul, Ankita Shah, Jamie Brooks, Louise Cohen, Christine Kim, Jessica Marinoff, Namrata Jain, Severina Peeva, Lana Cardosa Altunes, Helen Jia, Michelle Lam, Chetna Singh, Alison Corbin, Sookie Koo, Kelley Manahan, Lisa Courtney, Anna Ostrovsky, Amanda Zeltser, Isabel Coelho, Lauren Kanter


Special Lunch

Chairs: Isabel Coelho, Liz Sherman, Sidra Haider

Incoming Chairs: Gejsi Cangonji, Ritu Dey, Jingyi Chen

Lunch Leads: Liliana Acevedo, Lana Cardosa Altunes, Ritu Dey, Leslie Elble, Smiti Gupta, Ngoc Hance, Seung-yeon Kook, Bin Lin, Jessica Marinoff, Saha Nathaniel-Onabule, Angela Shi, Melissa Tribin



Chairs: Julia Tucker, Chrissy Schwartz

Volunteers: Lilliana Acevedo, Bonnie Adams, Melissa Bortnick, Debra & Michael Budney, Julie Chevett, Isabel Coelho, Helen Doster, Leslie Elble, Maggie Franklin, Alex Freedman, Helen Jia, Sathyaa Kandasamy, Mitesh Kathrotia, Juliana Ketkar, Reetu Klar, Ross Krentzman, Sookie Koo, Kelley Manahan, Smitha Nanjundayya, Saha Onabule, Tracy Orcholski, Anna Ostrovsky, Sue Reich, Chrissy Schwartz, Chetna Singh, Mark Stahl, Melissa Tribin, Julia Tucker, Jaime Wachtel, Amanda Zeltser,

Committee Chairs

Art Display: Christine Kim

Author Visit & Birthday Book Club: Tracy Block

Bingo Night: Melissa Tribin, Alyssa Camacho

Book Fair: Michelle Boc, Karrie Solpietro

Bulletin Boards & Beautification: Julia Tucker

Caring Kids Rep: Barbara Feldmann, Siddhartha Nadella

Chess Lunch: Vivian (Xioweng) Deng

Cultural Arts: Gloria Newman, Jamie Brooks

Directory & Membership: Kristen Merimee

Fall Family Picnic: Jaime Schecter, Chrissy Schwartz

Field Day: Helen Doster

Fourth Grade Celebration: Lauren Kanter, Heather Esposito

GASA: Jaryn Park, Goli Abtahian

Giving Tree/Gator-aide: Tracy Orcholski

Global Gala: Rathi Vijay, Nisha Raman

Ice Cream Treat: Leslie Elble

Math Olympiad: Jaryn Park

New Family Resource: Rachel Varughese

No Fuss Lunch: Sam Berger

Outreach (Glenwood Gives Back): Liz Sherman, Leslie Elble, Jessica Marinoff

Parents Night Out: Michelle Boc, Kelley Manahan

Pie Sale: Michelle Boc

Safety Rep: Mikhil Masli

Spring Fling: Sue Reich

Strawberry Festival: Christine Topf, Julie Chevett, Amanda Zeltser

SWAG: Eumy Frenkel

Teacher Appreciation: Amy Solomon, Alex Freedman

Walkathon: Heather Esposito, Liang Liao

Website: Margot Mullens

Yearbook: Amber Tuso, Amruta Bhogale


*Those bolded are graduating out or leaving Glenwood, and have given many years of service. They have dedicated a great deal of time and energy to our school and we will miss them dearly. Best wishes on your next chapters.

(Sincerest apologies if we missed anyone- please let us know).





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 Summer of 2024

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Volunteer Opportunities for 2024/2025

Glenwood is a community school that relies heavily on volunteers to help enrich our students' education and their daily lives.  A big thank you to all the Glenwood volunteers who enriched our students' lives on a daily basis this year. Please consider signing up to volunteer for the 2024-2025 school year!


Want to help out during school hours and see your kids?
Only available in the evenings, after work?


Prefer behind the scenes work?
Love to run small events?


There are so many committees in all shapes and sizes!

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2023/2024 Volunteer Sign-up Open
These programs cannot be run without
your participation!!
 Ice-cream Lunch Volunteer



Glenwood Green Team Initiatives

The Glenwood Green Team is focused on reducing, reusing and recycling.  Please support their efforts and have your children bring reusable water bottles and reusable utensils at lunchtime.


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Important Message from PTO


We have been able to accommodate late orders and add-ons to registrations considering it is the beginning of the school year and everyone is just getting back into the swing of things, but please be advised that in the future we cannot extend sales and registrations past the initial deadline.


It adds a significant amount of work for our volunteers and is unsustainable.  Deadlines are communicated via the weekly Monday morning newsletter, additional eblasts and are posted on the Glenwood PTO homepage.  We thank you for your understanding and consideration in this matter.


~Glenwood PTO

US News & World Report ranks Glenwood the #2 elementary school
in New Jersey

New education rankings from U.S. News & World Report list Glenwood as the #2 elementary school in NJ.  Click here for further details.



In partnership with Millburn Environmental Commission, we are planning an Earth Day event at Taylor Park, Bauer Center on Sunday, April 28, 12-3pm.

On this day, we hope to have students participate from EVERY school in the district. 

Whether it be poetry or painting, a science project or a dramatic performance, we want all students in Millburn to come out in this day and demonstrate to the community their passion for the planet. 


Student After School in Millburn (SAM) Program click here




The Essex County Environmental Center continues to offer a variety of seasonal environmental education programming for groups and families. While mask wearing and social distancing requirements have been lifted, we remain cautious and ask our patrons to please be responsible, keeping the health and safety of everyone in mind.
The Essex County Environmental Center is located at 621-B Eagle Rock Avenue in Roseland in Essex County West Essex Park and is a facility of the Essex County Parks System. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm and Saturday from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Essex County West Essex Park is open to the public every day from dawn until dusk Pre-registration. is required for all programs unless otherwise noted. All programs require a minimum number of participants to run. For more information, please call 973-228-8776.
Thank you for your continued support, cooperation, and participation!


Non-Profit Information


The Millburn Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing Millburn students access to innovative programs, new technology, and creative opportunities not available within the district's limited budget.


The MEF encourages private philanthropy to enhance public education for students at all levels by serving as a bridge between our community and the schools.  


Thanks to the support of generous parents and patrons, the Millburn Education Foundation has donated over $3 million in gifts and grants since its establishment in 1993.


Please support your children's education by adding a donation to the Millburn Education Foundation while purchasing your PTO membership.  You may also donate directly to the MEF at any time by visiting their website at


   Help is Available for Families in Need

Down the Block's mission is to provide short-term financial assistance to residents of Millburn-Short Hills who are facing unexpected financial setbacks. When a Township resident needs help paying bills (rent, utility, insurance, etc.) due to unexpected financial stress or because of losses in a natural disaster, Down the Block can step in with short-term assistance -- provided that their eligibility requirements are met.
For more information please visit: Please contact DtB at: for a confidential discussion.





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