Cultural Arts - “Multicultural Folk Dance Residency” (1st)

World Dance. History, geography, social studies, fashion, music and dance are all incorporated in this assembly. Experience Japan, from Kabuki to Takarazaka. See a performance of a classical Japanese fan dance or learn an Italian folk dance, the Cicerenella. Students learn about the culture of each country represented and the origins of each dance as well. “This way of learning about another culture is unlike anything they might learn from a book, it helps to build appreciation for other cultures and teaches children to embrace and celebrate the differences between cultures” (Joanna Pang Atkins/Teaching Artist).
Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thank You Education Foundation!!

We would like to thank the Education Foundation of Millburn-Short Hills for the generous grants they awarded to Glenwood for upgrades and advancements to our school! In 2018, we received over $12,000!  

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